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Game description:

Subway Surfers is a new, fun, exciting and very quickly gained popularity game for smartphones, tablets and personal computers.

Subway Surfers game

Who likes to draw graffiti? Probably many. And to paint graffiti on trains? Of Course Jake! But his actions don't make everyone happy.

Should Jake get a can of spray paint and start his own art, as there is a strict guard, Yes not one, and with his dog and starts to chase after him.

The main objective of our hero is to run, to fly hard and not to fall into the hands of the guard, you have to make to Dodge trains, jump over fences and of course to score points.

Along the way you must collect coins which can buy various items, in the form of accelerators and reactive Board. Also you will find boxes where you can have different objects, allowing you to quickly get away from police. The longer you play, the faster starts to run your character.

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